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Jalna Branch Closed May 30 through June 29

Jalna Branch Library will close for a "refresh" at 6pm on Friday, May 29 and will re-open at 9am on Tuesday, June 30. Jalna's return chute will remain open while the Branch is closed.

This busy location is very much in need of a facelift. Improvements will include new flooring, painting and changes to the shelving, furniture and collections.  We've got a lot of work to do.  We apologize for the inconvenience that this closure may cause and we can't wait to welcome you back to your refreshed space!

Here is some information that may help you with the closure:

Jalna Branch Library will be closed from May 30 - June 29, 2015

Loan periods

  • Items belonging to Jalna will have longer loan periods so that they are not due until Jalna reopens.
  • Items belonging to other London Public Library locations will be due during the closure, such as Hold items that have come from other library locations.
  • Items that are due during the closure will be subject to overdue fines.
  • Be sure to check your date due slips or use “My Account” on the website or call our Information Line at 519-661-4600 to confirm the date your items are due.


  • The return chutes at Jalna will remain open while the branch is closed for the facelift.  You can return materials from any London Public Library location to this chute.
  • If you prefer, you can return materials (including those borrowed from Jalna) to any other London Public Library location.


  •  If you have a hold that has arrived for you at Jalna, you must pick it up before Jalna closes on May 29.
  • If you’d like to pick up holds at another branch during the closure, use “My Account” to change the pick-up location of your hold request in advance

          of the hold arriving.

  • If you don’t want to pick up holds at another location, to avoid having your holds come in during the time that Jalna is closed, freeze your holds using “My Account” and unfreeze them once Jalna is back open.


  • Use the renewal feature in “My Account”
  • Renew in person at any other London Public Library location.
  • Call our Information Line at 519-661-4600

Fines and Bills

  • You can pay online using “My Account”
  • You can pay fines and bills at any other London Public Library location.
  • Items that already were overdue before the closure will continue to accumulate late charges during the closure.  You can return these items through the return chute at Jalna or to any London Public Library location so that your fines for these materials do not continue to grow.

Registering for TD Summer Reading Club and summer programming

Registration for the TD Summer Reading club begins June 20.  More details about how to register at Jalna/South London Community Centre prior to the reopening on June 30 will be available soon.

Settlement Services

While Jalna is closed, Settlement Services will be available from the South London Community Centre office in the lobby.

 Questions or concerns while Jalna Branch Library is closed

  • Please call the Information Line at 519-661-4600 with your questions or for help renewing, checking your account and placing a hold.
  • Phones will not be answered at Jalna Branch Library during the closure.