Interlibrary Loan Service (ILLO)

Delivery between London Public Library's 16 branches has not been affected by the recent announcement about Interlibrary Loan Service in Ontario (also called ILLO). Delivery between our branches will continue to operate as usual.

Interlibrary loan refers to the borrowing and delivery of books from a library system in one town or city, to a library system in another town or city. Their support for ILLO across the province has been suspended by the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) and the Ontario Library Service - North (OLS - North) as a result of just-announced cuts to their budgets.

At this time, London Public Library is unable to request materials for our borrowers from other library systems through ILLO. We can still transfer materials between our branch locations for you.


If you are a London Public Library patron and currently have material borrowed through ILLO, the due dates remain the same.

Microform requests are still available.

We are not accepting ILLO requests at this time.

There is no access to the ILLO request form online.