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Bostwick Branch Library is OPEN!

The new Bostwick Branch Library, at 501 Southdale Road W. has opened!   Find all the details on the Bostwick Branch Library page.


The New Bostwick Location - Way too LOUD!!!

The new Bostwick library looks nice but it is very impractical.  It is extremely loud with noise inside the library and coming from the YMCA portion.  There is also a lot of wasted space.  The computer stations are cramped with zero privacy.  The parking set-up is atrocious with the entrance to the building set far back so people with disabilities/difficulty walking have to walk about 1/2 km just to get inside. A set of traffic lights were installed at the entrance on Southdale but there is no advanced green for safe entry into the library/YMCA parking lot.  All in all I think it would have been much more practical (and would have saved tax payers a lot of money!) to leave the library where it was on Wonderland Road South or at Westmount Mall.  Thankfully there is a municipal election coming up shortly so the people who approved this project and wasted our hard earned money can be voted out... 



Feedback about Bostwick Branch

We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback about our new Bostwick Branch.  Your comments will be shared with our administrative staff.  Work on the Bostwick Branch and the full facility continues through the fall and all comments are helpful in this work.


modern architecture!  light!   space!   so fresh and clean with kind, welcoming staff. an exciting place

Happy to hear this!

Thank you for sharing your appreciation for the new Bostwick Branch Library with us.  We will share your feedback with our staff.

The New Bostwick Library

Our new library branch is a very disappointing, small, sterile space in such a large building. Old fixtures have been reused, as well as old computers. The entire space is too confining & way too small.  We were hoping for a larger space with a good supply of books, state of the art technology as well as some comfortable reading spaces.  As it stands now, it would have been much better to have left our library in its own building on Wonderland Rd. south of Southdale Rd......more room, pleasant atmosphere and much quieter. 

Your feedback

We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the Bostwick Branch Library and will share your feedback with our administration.  There are still many finishing touches to come this fall at Bostwick with the spaces and the services.

other libraries

Many of the branches have the same problems, for example Landon is one big open room, on Sat for example, the screaming from the Childrens section is really unbelieveable, many of the adults have voiced their concerns but to no avail.

The Beacock library is the same, it is one big open room and children and even adults are running all over the room and the noise is terrific, in some libraries the children are in their own room which is a far better option than what London Ont.has.

Cherryhill is also bad for children and even adults running, sometimes children get away from their parents and run in the mall section.

What is the purpose of these large open spaces called libraries, they are not very functional and the public seems to get away with noise and carry-on.

Noise Levels

We appreciate your feedback about noise levels at the branch libraries you mention.  We will share your comments with our administration who try hard to balance different needs and ongoing high use of our neighbourhood library branches.

Observations re Bostwick Library

Way to noisy!!!!! Kids coming to 2nd level unattended shouting down to first level. The small 3 study rooms taken. Chairs are to firm especially for seniors and they are extremely uncomfortable. A noise barrier should be placed all the way to the ceiling and young children banned from that area. Also a no noise or no talking sign should be posted in full view. Very disappointed with the library. Layout does not allow someone to come and spread out their work in some secluded areas   The tables in the middle of the floor where people converse and having lunch with their toddlers is very interruptive to others who came to do studying or work away from home. I do not see myself coming here mainly due to the noise level. The computer bar  high chairs are for teens. Again older people cannot use them they are not appropriate. Also the couple of chairs that are fabric are all to low and a disabled person would have difficulty in both sitting down and getting up. The library is very much geared to young kids and teens. The elderly are not considered. The computer usage area are way to close together and no partitions for some kind of privacy or to ward off some noise which is all around. Whoever designed this really missed the mark. A AED should be visible. The whole facility has so much wasted space and looks bland. More elevators needed as the kids are going up and down a million times and others are waiting for it. Another thing those stairs!!!! Very dangerous as kids are always drawn to climbing. To many of them with no landings in between. It’s startling just looking at them. That library very disappointing. Not friendly and it’s all scrunched up. Not spacious at all

We will share this feedback with our staff

We have shared your comments and feedback about your experience at the Bostwick Branch with our administrative staff.  We are still in the process of finishing work on this new Branch and your comments will be carefully considered.  We know that many of our branch locations are now busy, active spaces that support a variety of needs and are working to find solutions to support those seeking quieter environments and to address any accessibility issues.

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