Not sure what to read?

Monkey & Elephant Go Gadding Carole Schaefer

Monkey and Elephant are all dressed up, but can't decide what to do or where to go.  Then they learn about the art of gadding, and how much fun it is to take a stroll and visit with friends.  Many surprises await them and make for a wonderful day.

Meeow and the Blue Table Sebastien Braun

What will clever Meeow and his friends make with a blue table, a red blanket, and lots of wooden blocks?  A whole lot of imaginative FUN!

Nancy Knows Cybèle Young

Nancy is an elephant who has forgotten something important. Nancy can remember many things and many places but she just can not remember the important thing that she was supposed to remember. We all forget things from time to time and that is ok. Usually we remember what we forgot when we stop trying to remember, Nancy is going to learn this.

Yoo Hoo Ladybug Mem Fox

Calling for ladybug and trying to find her in the pages of the book leads to a fun search with rhyming answers.

See you Next year Andrew Larsen

This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a girl's family who drives down the same road to spends a comfortingly predictable week at the same beachside motel. But this year something is different: the girl meets a new friend who will teach her how to see and feel all the wonders a summer at the beach can offer.

The Fort that Jack Built Boni Ashburn

Poor Jack. As family members take back what belongs to them, the fort that Jack built gradually comes apart. However, his loving grandma provides some consolation and wise advice. A clever adaptation of the classic nursery rhyme “This is the House that Jack Built”.

What in the World? Fun-tastic Photo Puzzles for Curious Minds Julie Agnone

Optical illusions, look and find, animal camouflage, and find the difference puzzles are some of the picture puzzles you'll find in this engrossing book.  Test your visual skills and memory while having fun!

The Mischievians: William Joyce

Do you ever wonder where things go when they get lost?  Or where belly button lint or blisters come from?  For the answer to these and other questions, consult Dr. Zooper's encyclopedia of Mischievians, small creatures that make all kinds of mischief.

What is the TD Summer Reading Club?

Want in on the fun? Register today!

From June 20 to August 22 register at any London Public Library for our TD Summer Reading Club 2015.

Kids will receive a Play! Wallet with a Read to Play Ballot, a Read to Play Activity Card, a TD Summer Reading Club Notebook, stickers and a Web Access Code Postcard.

How do I participate? Its simple!

All summer long read anything you want - picture books, comics, magazines or chapter books! Drop into any location during library hours to tell us about what you're reading to earn a stamp on your Read to Play Ballot.

Earn extra stamps for completing Read to Play Activities. You'll find them here! Place completed Read to Play Ballots in a Prize Jar at any library location for a chance to win! Maximum 5 stamps per day per child.

Can't make it to the library? You can submit a book review online for a chance to win.

Outside, inside or up and away, summer is the time for fun and play! With books, stories and words as your inspiration, you can choose, explore, discover and create at your Library!

The Benefits of Children Reading in the Summer

Research shows that children who keep reading during the summer do better when they return to school in the fall. Summer learning loss has a cumulative, long term effect - that makes reading in the summer such a great choice!

London Public Library's TD Summer Reading Club will:

  • Bridge the gap between school years to prevent summer learning loss
  • Motivate and build reading skills and confidence
  • Increase reading enjoyment
  • Expose children to many high quality books

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