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Travel in Style

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Young Readers

Go Go Gorillas
I'm Fast
Splish Splash

Older Readers

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Cyclist Bikelist
Eyewitness: Transportation

Just for Fun

How would you most like to travel?
By car
By plane
By boat
By rocketship
Check out all the awesome ways to travel in this picture book that takes you from A to Z!


What is TD Summer Reading Club?


Pack a book and discover the world as we travel near and far at the library this summer!

From June 22 to August 17, register at any London Public Library location for our Go! TD Summer Reading Club!

Kids will receive a passport to reading, a wallet, Go! magazine and stickers. All summer long, read anything you want - picture books, comics, magazines, chapter books - then drop in during library hours to tell staff about the exciting places you've traveled in the books! Staff will stamp your passport and give you a ballot to enter the weekly draw for tons of great prizes!

Can't get to the library? Don't worry. This summer you can report online about what you've read and still be entered in the location of your choosing for the weekly prize draw. Also, check out the weekly online book polls and other great stuff on the website! All this starts on June 22nd!

The whole world awaits at the library this summer!


  1. Take your passport home and bring it back each time you visit the library.
  2. Choose and read any book(s) you want. Need help? Pick a card from the "Looking for a Book?" box.
  3. Return to the library to talk to us about what you've read and show your book report (optional). Staff will stamp your passport for each visit. OR you can click on the REPORT ONLINE arrow at the top of this page and fill out the online book report. Your report will be submitted to the location of your choosing and entered in that week's prize draw.
  4. At each visit you will get your booklet stamped, and you will get a ballot for weekly draw prizes.
  5. We will give you one ballot for visiting the library to talk about what you've read and a second ballot if you do a book report. (A maximum of 2 ballots per day per child).
  6. Prizes are drawn at the end of each week and winners will receive a phone call.
  7. Have fun reading!

Kids Reviews

Ella May and the Wishing Stone

Ella May finds a very special stone at the beach … a wishing stone! What a wonderful discovery! Of course, all her friends want one too but she insists that only hers has the special wishing power. Ella May soon learns that keeping the stone all to herself makes her friends unhappy. Is having all of your wishes come true worth it if you lose your friends?

Read Ella May and the Wishing Stone by Cary Fagan to find out how she comes up with a magical solution that will make everyone’s wishes come true!

In the Paper House

In The Paper House by Lois Peterson

Safiyah is a ten year orphaned girl living in a slum outside of Nairobi, Kenya with her grandmother. She dreams of going to school and learning to read but is too poor. To buy food for herself and her grandmother, she scours the dump for things she can sell. Among the dirt, slime and rats, she finds glossy magazines with beautiful, colourful pictures of places and things she can only dream about. Although Safiyah's life is hard, she covers her shack with pictures from the magazine to create a work of art that might give her a chance for a better life.

You Are Stardust

You Are Stardust

Did you ever find pictures in a book that you couldn't stop looking at?

You Are Stardust has amazing pictures that will make you want to create your own art! Soyeon Kim has collaged cutouts of people and birds and added dandelions and leaves. Elin Kelsey's words will help you figure out how you are connected to nature. Did you know "you learned to speak the same way baby birds learn to chatting with your parents"!
- Tommy