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Blue Spruce Review: You Are Stardust

cover of book entitled You Are StardustDid you ever find pictures in a book that you couldn't stop looking at? You Are Stardust has amazing pictures that will make you want to create your own art! 

Silver Birch Express Review: Who Needs a Swamp?

book cover imageSwamps might make you think of crocodiles, muck, and ooze.  But swamps are very important, especially to our water supply.  Who Needs a Swamp? by Karen Patkau explains all the reasons we need swamps in a very simple and

Silver Birch Fiction Review: A Tinfoil Sky

Tinfoil Sky book cover imageMagic is believing in yourself; if you can do that, you can make anything happen - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Mel isn't your average kid with an average family. She's seen some pretty tough times living in the old beat up station wagon with her mom, singing for change on the street corner and going hungry a lot

Silver Birch Non-Fiction Review: Shannen and the Dream for a School

Shannen and the Dream for a SchoolBe inspired by this true story of a kid who made a huge difference in her community! Shannen's school was closed because of a fuel spill that happened 20 years ago in Attawapiskat First Nation in Northern Ontario. In Shannen and the Dream for a School by Janet Wilson you will read how Shannen and her classmates only had a few small portables to learn in, until

Blue Spruce Review: Splinters

book cover imageCinderella meets hockey in this retelling of the popular fairy tale.  In Splinters, Kevin Sylvester creates Cindy Winters, a girl in need of a miracle to fulfill her dream of playing hockey on a real hockey team.  Thankfully, she gets one from her fairy goaltender.  Cindy has to contend with old equipment and mean sisters but when the golden

Silver Birch Non-Fiction Review : To Hope and Back; The Journey of the St. Louis

Book Cover ImageIn 1939, the luxury ocean liner St. Louis left Germany with almost 1000 passengers on board ready to begin a new life in Cuba and the United States. Kathy Kacer has created a gripping

Blue Spruce Review: Really and Truly

Book Cover ImageCharlie has always loved the stories that his grandpa would tell him (like the one about the pirate in the attic!) but since his grandpa got sick he doesn't tell them anymore.  How can Charlie help his grandpa find the smile that

Silver Birch Express Review: The Matatu

The MatatuClimb onboard The Matatu (an African bus) with Kioko and his grandfather.  While they travel through dusty roads and pass villagers and market stalls, Kioko's grandfather tells a story.&nb

Silver Birch Fiction Review: Neil Flambe and the Crusader's Curse

book cover imageWorld famous, teenage chef Neil Flambe isn't used to cooking disasters coming from his kitchen, but that's just the beginning of his bad luck. Will he be able to save his reputation and restaurant,

Silver Birch Express Review: Margaret and the Moth Tree

Book Cover Image:  Margaret and the Moth TreeMargaret is just a little girl and Pip is just a tiny moth but when Margaret's extraordinary hearing brings them together the result is an enormously powerful friendship. Alone in the world and thrust into the seemingly cheery Hopeton Orphanage, Margaret is sad to discover that her new home is anything but cheery. Dominated by the terrifying Miss Switch and ignored by the other orphans, Margaret learns to find friends in unexpected places. With the help of her secret friends and her own inner bravery