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More than honey

book cover image: More than honey: the survival of bees and the future of our world

We are tied in a mutual relationship.  The bees need us to help ensure their survival and we need them to ensure our survival.  Authors Markus Imhoof & Claus-Peter Lieckfeld have combined their knowledge and experience to write More than honey : the survival of bees and the future of our world, a creative work that balances the views of those on both sides of the growing bee dilemma.  On the two opposite sides of the bee question we also have those who advocate for making spaces and yards bee pollinator sanctuaries and those who spray indiscriminately to avoid having these insects in close proximity.  Imhoof and Lieckfeld will take you through the intricate social structure of the bee, present candid views of bee keepers and bee defenders thus allowing you to weigh in for yourself on  this growing social issue. 

I approached this book without a strong position on either side, mostly from lack of understanding behind the growing concern of bee protection actions.  My knowledge and awareness of bees was pretty limited to 1) they make honey, 2) some of them sting you, 3) sitting watching a bee drink the nectar from a planet is aesthetically pleasing and emotionally soothing. 

This book gave me an overview of a species that is crucial to our survival.  I now have a strong, informed and decided opinion on the survival and role of bees and what needs to be done.   They are, after all, about More than honey (movie available on DVD).