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Christmas: cooking and cleaning

book cover image: Taste of home christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and it is a good time to plan some special menus, appetizers, desserts and get-togethers.  The Reader's Digest Taste of Home Christmas covers all of these things and more.  This idea packed book includes many classic fares as well as updated twists on old-time favourites  for home fare and holiday parties.

Teri Lyn Fisher's A Merry Christmas Cookbook is packed full of great recipes that you can make with your children.  Sharing cooking and baking projects with children is a great Christmas pasttime that could quickly become a Christmas tradition.  It contains marvelous illustrations by the Disney Storybook Artists.

Of course, a key component of getting ready for the holidays is organizing the house so it looks attractive and inviting to family, guests and Santa.  Better Homes and Gardens Organize your home : [clutter cures for every room] will amaze you with tips and tricks that reduce clutter, and strategies from 15 minute clean-ups to whole week end clean-up binges.  When you approach it properly it is actually amazing what you can accomplish in 15-minutes to a half-hour.  This book has really helped me stay focused on a particular task until it is done.

Perhaps you would just like to browse and see what other Christmas Cookbooks are available at the library. I am sure you will find something that meets your own individual needs.  With a little help from some cookbooks and cleaning books the hectic pace of the holidays can be greatly reduced and the fun level greatly increased. 

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