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Meet the World at your Library

Do you enjoy meeting people? Would you like to learn about other cultures? Do you have one hour each week to give? London Public Library is in need of English speakers for its One-on-One Conversation Program. One-on-One Conversation matches you with a newcomer in need of a practice partner for learning English.

Green in, Blackout - everyday!

Do you remember 5 years ago on August 14th when we all lost our power? Maybe you joined in on August 14th this year with the city and local organizations to make an effort to "Power Down" non-essential use of electricity in your home? An eye-opening tool you can borrow, for free, from the Library and provided in partnership with London Hydro is a Kill-A-Watt Energy Monitor. They're simple to use! Just plug almost any appliance in your home  into the monitor and the monitor will tell you how much energy that appliance is using. Next, use the accompanying booklet to determine the cost of that energy consumption. Find out more and place a hold on a Kill-A-Watt energy monitor.

Summer Fun at Northridge Branch Library

Northridge was bursting at the seams on August 9th, a sunny Friday afternoon, as the community enjoyed snacks, face painting, a scavenger hunt, and kids rocking on with the  Rock Band game.  We enjoyed lots of fun, laughs and enjoyment with family, neighbours and friends! Photographs from the event are viewable on London Public Library's page.

Website Changes Announced

You may notice some changes in our website the next time you visit our virtual branch. We've darkened some button backgrounds to improve the contrast and ease of reading of our navigation buttons. We've also created a "Using My Library" section that pulls together information we used to have in "About My Library" and "Ask Us" about everyday use of the library such as how to get a library card, all about borrowing, unique collections & services, introductions to library services in languages other than English and using our computers and wireless.